We currently stock the following Point of Lay Chickens for Sale

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Point of Lay Ross Lohmann Chickens for Sale

Very Friendly, Best Layers with Prolific Egg Production.

Ideal Starter Chickens and Pet Chickens, Perfect for Small Children.

Prices each from:

           £7.00 (for quantities of 16 to 30)

           £8.00 (for quantities of 9 to 15 )

           £9.00 ( for quantities of 1 to 8 )


Point of Lay Sussex Hens for Sale

The Sussex Chicken is a very attractive medium sized Hen.

Traditional style White bird with Black hackle feathers around the Neck and on the tail.

They are capable of laying approximately:

260 light to mid brown eggs Per Year.

Prices each from: £16 .

Point of Lay  Bluebell Chickens for Sale

The Bluebell Chicken is a very attractive larger chicken in shades of light to dark grey/blue.

They are a cross between a Maran and a Rhode Island Red.

They are capable of laying approximately 260+ eggs per year.

The eggs are brown with an unusual 'plum' tint.

Prices each from: £16 .



We Stock a Variety of POL Chickens for Sale



Exchequer Leghorns,

Black Leghorns,

Pekin Bantams,

Polish Bantams 

and Various Other Breeds Depending upon Seasonal Availability.

Please Contact us to discuss any Special Requirements.

 Looking for Point of Lay Chickens for Sale Orchard Nursery Laneham are based near Retford Nottinghamshire, near the River Trent on the Border of Lincolnshire.

We always have a good Stock of POL Chickens for Sale and to view at our Nursery,

Call us on 01777 228882 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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