Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens is a Great and Rewarding Hobby!

Relatively Easy and Economical to Care for Chickens will reward you with your own lovely Fresh Eggs.

How satisfying to go to your own Chicken Coop in the morning and find a lovely Fresh Free Range Chicken Egg as a reward for caring for your Pet Chickens.

Knowing that the egg has come from a Happy Chicken! 

Get in touch with the environment and traditional Values, Chicken Keeping was Popular in the War Time when people recognised the value of producing Home Grown Food and Produce of all Kinds.

Chickens can live up to 5 to 8 years for general layer breeds.

How wonderful to think that by keeping chickens you have potentially saved a Chicken from a Factory Life!



Caring for your Chickens

Chickens are easy to care for but to get the best results and best egg laying production it is important to keep your Chickens happy and meet their nutritional needs.


Water for your Chickens

Make sure your provide clean fresh water for your Pet Chickens at all times, you may want to utilise a poultry fountain, water dispenser, however you provide water for your Chickens it is important to keep a clean steady supply of Fresh water at all times taking special care in Hot Weather when water may evaporate or winter when it may freeze.


Chicken Feeds

Orchard Nursery Laneham near Retford Nottinghamshire provide a good range of Chicken Feeds including Layer Meals and balanced diets for your chicken. You may like to buy raw materials and mix your own feeds with equal quantities of Whole Corn, Oats and Sunflower Seeds, with a healthy Dash of Grit. Grit is important for your Chickens Digestion. 

It is important to ensure a healthy supply of Calcium as this is important for strong healthy Egg shells. Sunflower Seeds are a good source of Calcium. Point of Lay Chickens and High Egg Producing Chickens such as Ross Lohmann Chickens need a higher supply of Calcium than breeds that have a scantier Egg production.

Your pet Chicken is unlikely to get fat as a happy Chicken self regulates its food intake however if you do think they are getting a bit 'podgy' just gradually reduce their feed intake until their weight regains a normal level. Chickens like all kind of greens , cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, bean shoots etc., and will happily have many of your household scraps taking care that there is no sharp refuse plastic debris etc that would be harmful for them. Do not feed Chickens pet food,cat or dog biscuits as they have high levels of amino acids which would be harmful for your Pet chickens.


Chicken Housing

Orchard Nursery Laneham provide a good range of Custom Made Chicken Housing, Chicken Runs, Chicken Arks made to your requirements from the Best Quality Natural Timber. The shelter must be dry and well ventilated and safe from predators. It is possible to keep Chickens in your garage or shed as long as it meets the requirements. Provide lots of Clean Fresh Bedding Regularly. Chickens enjoy perching so it is a good idea to provide some kind of Chicken Perch for them. Point of Lay Chickens and Layer Hens need to be provided with nest boxes you should have at least one box for each four laying hens you keep so they are comfortable nestling down to lay your lovely fresh eggs.


Healthy Chickens

Every 5 weeks you should give your Chickens a good once over to check their general health. When handling Chickens do not pick them up by the legs and dangle them as this is stressful and upsetting for them and may well be enough of a shock to put a hen off laying!

Pick your chickens up carefully by placing one hand firmly on the chickens back and one hand firmly under the breast to secure it and prevent forward movment then stroke your hands down the chickens wings to limit movement.

Inspect your chicken for any problems pest or disease indicated by swellling sores abscess loss of feathers etc., and if problems are present seek veterinary advice. Chickens are generally very robust and if kept in hygienic healthy environments with good nutrition are prone to few problems.


Your Rewards for Keeping Chickens

Pet Chickens Chickens make great companions and will give you many a laugh and hours of amusement with their friendly antics.

Home Grown Eggs Looked after properly your Chickens will provide Delicious Fresh Nutritious Eggs for you that you can be assured are organicly produced and doing your bit for the environment.  Home grown eggs because they come from Happy Balanced Chickens tend to be higher in Nutritional Value.

The Good Life Who does not see the value and charm of traditional Self Sustaining living although not a possibility for most of us be a little closer to nature by Keeping your own Chickens and enjoying your own Fresh Home Grown Produce like the Good Old Days!

Good for the Garden Letting your Pet Chickens occasionally roam free over your Garden in secure circumstances will do your Garden and Lawn the world of good. They love to eat grass helping keep your lawn trim providing a natural fertiliser and providing a natural bug control for things like earwigs and other creepy crawlies.

Great for the Compost Heap Chicken refuse is a great source of Nitrogen for your Compost Heap and Eggshells are a great addition in clay soil areas. Reduce your Ecological Footprint by composting. 

Give a Chicken a Life It is easy in these days of mass produce and frozen food to think that Chicken is simply a nutritional product. Once you have kept your own Pet Chickens and enjoy their Personality and Fun lively Characters, you simply won't look back and will have a great source of satisfaction knowing that you have potentially saved a hen from a miserable Factory life. 

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